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PSMPS to utilize RCMS from

August 15, 2014 @ 1658 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthx

We are going to use the RCMS script from my webhost ( when it comes out in the PSMPS project for a wicked update in less time. It will be advertised as an addon for sale here as well as on I am the programmer of this script addon, the webhost knows nothing about Crypto-Currencies. RCMS is an open-source "client management system".

I have decided that considering PHP is my skill and I have had many requests for a website front-end, I will be merging PSMPS with the new RCMS as soon as it comes out! The work required for the PSMPS control menus would be far easier in PHP than ShellScript. I might as well seeing as PHP can call shell scripts too. This will cut the time required to do the PSMPS control menu in half... And I could find a slide in bar from either side with the links to each coins MPOS/NOMP. Another good idea is to keep every coin's information inside the MySQL database, and allow disabling of coins.

All previous customers get updates free as promised. I will be providing original customers of the script extended installation help for free as a courtesy gift for the long wait on the update. I have had no time and I also had a "Programmer" run off with a free copy of the source code. I may be able to release his contact info and "resume" if I can find it now... Luckily PSMPS was in need of an update and he had the old code -.-


Programmer, Designer, & Advertiser Needed!

August 05, 2014 @ 2058 EST (GMT-0500)

By: Shawn Read

We are currently looking for a designer, advertiser, and a programmer! If you know a programmer, please reference/link this page to him/her. I have had a programmer go AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) with an out-dated copy of a project - See the previous news article for details. Luckily I never gave him any of the updated code! Because of this, a resume including contact information (phone number, address) is required before any code or server access is granted. There is no pay as this is a personal venture done in spare time, unless of course revenue is generated. All pay for work is negotiable prior to initiation of the project or coding.

About the "Programmer" job: If revenue is generated, once expenses (the server, advertisement costs) are covered, the rest is split evenly between myself and the other programmer(s). For programmer, the required skills are: ShellScripting AND/OR HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/Ajax/PHP/MySQL. If you are a shell scripter, or a programmer with at least basic knowledge of all the aforementioned languages, please use the contact form to apply or email

About the "Designer" job: If revenue is generated, once main expenses (the server, advertisement costs) are covered, the designer will be paid $50 per full design. Full design is only needed when I want a fresh look to my website. In the case of small design changes, the price will be negotiated. If you happen to know a designer, please use the contact form to apply or email

About the "Advertiser" job: If revenue is generated, once main expenses (the server) are covered, the advertiser will make $5 per confirmed backlink, article, etc. (You must keep track of links you placed, and have some sort of proof that you placed that link, article, etc. The advertiser is paid before programmers, as without advertisement the product gets 0 exposure, and therefore 0 customers. If you happen to know an advertiser, please use the contact form to apply or email

For all jobs: Hours and work are not guaranteed. You may work other jobs while waiting for work - you are not stuck with me, you can still work other projects when there is no work. This is because some work is only needed once in a while (Ex. a website design). If you need any information regarding any of these jobs, please


Programmer AWOL, Possible source leak, Website/Server Updates

August 04, 2014 @ 2050 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

It turns out that I do have such crappy luck. I recently hired an additional programmer. His resume and everything seemed to check out, so I "hired" him. After sending him the latest released source, we had one email exchange, and then nothing up until now. The last email was to say that he had been busy all weekend and had no chance to work on the source. It has been over 2 weeks, almost 3 weeks now with no reply to several status update requests.

I am suspecting there may be a source leak as of these late findings. The good thing is he never got access to the webserver! If he were smart he would have kept going to get access to the server... Anyways if you have seen the source code leaked anywhere, please report it by emailing and don't worry if it did get leaked because the script was needing a complete re-code, making the old code useless. I had not given any development code either, so my last progress is saved. This just may take a long time, to either code in my spare time or find another programmer - an honest one please? If you know one, please use the contact form or email

I am making a series of website and server changes. Because I am returning to work in only a few days, all I can work on is the website and the server. I am working on a series of updates, possibly also to the colour scheme. I will be affiliating with the designer/programmer of this website http:// and using them/him to provide our "Hosting Related" services using a subdomain of the owner's online resume. The website owner works in communications industry and has an extensive networking background. The new hosting services will be located at http://hosting. which should be online shortly. Because of this, parts of the website, or the entire website, may not work for unknown periods of time. The server may be reinstalled once again if needed to perform these updates. Possible down-time is estimated 0 - 96 hours or 0 - 4 days.


Coming Soon... Google Proxy Scraper / "Hidden" Files Crawler Source

July 16, 2014 @ 1725 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

Google Proxy Scraper (GoogleAutoProxy GAP v1.0) - I am currently working on a PHP script to automatically test and sort out your proxies, and automatically search Google for proxies. If you have good proxies it uses them to search google for more proxies. It uses a keyword list which must be kept updated, and rotated to obtain fresh proxies. It is an open source library, which you can add to the beginning of a PHP class, to sort/obtain more proxies for use within your script. Alternatively, you can just use it standalone to maintain your proxy lists. Instructions for both uses will be put together and posted/repackaged with the script when available. You may sign up for updates of information to this script by emailing

This source code uses a Google Scraper class from somewhere I forgot. I have included the class in the project, however some of the original code may have been changed. You can obtain this scraper source code by Googling for "google.scraper.class.php". It will allow you to use a proxy (or none) to scrape Google with a randomized timeout interval.

This source is in development, and is almost complete, it just needs a regex or two and it should be good for testing!

"Hidden" Files Crawler Source (GoogleAutoDork GAD v1.0) - I am using GAP (GoogleAutoProxy) from above to create a script that automatically scrapes Google using "dorks" to locate hidden files and folders. The script will automatically download images, archives, source code (if it finds any), etc. and store it for the owner to browse through. You must add to the list of "dorks" to keep fresh data coming in.

This source is in development, and because of my return to work may not get released for a while.


Hired A Programmer & New FREE & PAID Uploader!

July 16, 2014 @ 1725 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

I have hired another programmer! he seems to code better than me, so we should be able to push out an update before I return to work YAY \o/ woohoo! He is actually working on the script as we speak, and cleaning up my messy shell script - you cant blame me, I just started shell scripting :P

FREE uploader - I have added a FREE uploader to the services menu. You can upload a total of 5MB in a total of no more than 4 files at a time. Currently the download part of it is not working, as I need to do some coding for it which is expected to be done today by 2359 EST (GMT-0500) - no guarantee though. There is no direct link, if you want a direct link please use the paid version.

PAID uploader - I have added a PAID uploader to the services menu. On the paid uploader, you can upload a total of 1GB in a total of no more than 4 files at a time. The paid version is still under development, and is expected to be done in 48 hours - no guarantees though.


New Security, Hosting, Backup, Proxy/VPN, and Genius Services!

July 14, 2014 @ 1232 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

I have added 4 new services to the menu. The new services include Security, Hosting, Backup, Proxy/VPN, and Genius Services. Do you need a security expert to lock down your server? Are you looking for reliable, cheap, private hosting? Are you trying to find a low cost, high quality, and reliable backup service? Are you looking for a low cost proxy script or VPN service simply to circumvent blocked/filtered websites? Or do you just need a "Genius" to complete some installation/configuration/removal of software or other general tasks on your server?

Look no further! Conveniently, we have all these services :P just look at our handy menu above :)


Socks2VPN: A solution to using a VPN without admin rights

July 13, 0145 @ 1503 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

I have a solution to the problem of needing admin rights for the VPN software companies/organizations/developers. Many people have asked about using a VPN client with no Admin rights. They have been told there is no way, because of needing admin rights to create the tap interface(?). Either that or they are told to follow steps which include/require logging in as Admin once, to set things up - which is NOT a solution to use a VPN client without admin rights.

However I believe there is a real simple solution to this... This idea is free to use for all VPN software as I need the feature badly. Please incorporate it quickly and credit the idea to me (Shawn Read/kthx/kthxdie/kthxbai2u), link to my homepage http:// and/or the original article (http://index.php?landingpage=socks2vpn) thank you.

My idea is if you cant create a TAP interface/whatever to capture all network traffic and pass through the VPN because of no admin rights, why not just add an option or seperate application to open a local Socks4/5 "relay" accepting localhost connections only? Then you can then point whatever application (browser, FTP, mIRC, etc.) to that Socks4/5 "relay", and make that relay pass the data through the VPN tunnel to the other side? You would have to be able to configure the application to know what VPN to connect to with whatever credentials, and whatever port. I am not too sure why no-one has thought of this... Tor does this.

Now I know those anal people will say "Oh but then it's no longer a VPN, because a VPN passes ALL traffic coming out of the NIC to the VPN. That turns the VPN into a socks4/5 proxy". Well yes, it does basically turn your VPN into a socks proxy, but 1) there are no good socks proxy lists, they all out-dated or the proxies do not work 2) there are no good socks servers to install on my server, and the ones that exist either do not compile, or are too confusing to configure - and not everyone has a server 3) It is far easier to purchase a VPN and use it as a VPN or a socks4/5 proxy than it is to find a reliable working stealth socks4/5 proxy, or a solution to using a VPN client with no admin rights.

That is the only way I see fit to allow a VPN client without admin rights. Only drawback is you have to set the proxy settings for each application, however if there is currently no way to run a client without admin rights, then I doubt people would care they have to change the proxy setting. You would have to inform the user of the proxy details (loopback + port #) and ensure the user knows that the only data passing through the VPN is the data from applications that you configure to use the socks4/5 VPN relay. I would call this socks relay something like "socks2vpn" or something.

I would attempt to make my own application to do just that, however I can only program for Windows, and even still it would be lots of work for me to learn the RFC's needed. I remember reading IRC RFC and forgetting all of it. Also, each VPN software is different, making it too cumbersome for me. It would be better if each VPN software implemented this themselves.

Please someone implement this fast, I have no way of using a VPN on my restricted work computer.


Shell/HTML/PHP/SQL Scripters needed!

July 12, 2014 @ 1514 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

I am looking for other scripters to help with my 3 projects as I will be returning to my regular full-time job. I will not be able to code/script as much once I go back. I need preferebly a "jack-of-all-trades" type guy like me who can script either Shell, PHP/SQL, or other languages needed like JavaScript. It would be perfect to have someone within my province, however it's highly un-likely I will happen to stumble accross someone from my tiny little town of Milton, Ontario on the internet.

The job entails late/early nights & mornings, Some over-nighters, swearing to protect the source code, swearing whilst debugging, and keeping your copy of the code off the internet. You must maintain a virus free windows installation, or use Linux/Virtual Machine to develop like me :) The pay is basically a percentage of the revenue from scripts. The benefits include: the use of the scripts yourself for free, access to a fat webserver (you can host your site on it too), a second income stream from sales of scripts, waking up to extra money, and expand your portfolio.

The best part of this job is that once you have coded a release or update, you just sit back, collect money, and send out releases (unless there are other projects to complete). I can't even describe how awesome it is to receive money just for spending a little time hacking, and sitting around. Software is the way to go, because minus the updates, you do the work once, and never again need to hack the same software again. Updates are not as hard as most of the code exists already, and it only needs changes or minor additions.

If you are skilled in either Shell scripting, HTML, PHP scripting & SQL, JavaScript or any other languages that may be required you will be given higher priority. If you think you've got what it takes send an email to or use the contact page


Website & Domain Name Change

July 11, 2014 @ 1410 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

Just so everyone knows there will be a domain name change. I am unable to get back my domain so I have registered I will have to either fully stick with the .NET or wait until the .COM expires. There is no use or value to the domain so I am not sure why someone registered it after it had expired. The website will (eventually) forward to the new domain until it expires (I will not renew it, so update your bookmarks). All this is due to the wide variety of products and services now being offered including the new "Hire A Genius" and "Private WebHosting" services.


New Website Launch!

July 10, 2014 @ 2316 EST (GMT-0500)

By: kthxbai2u

The new PSMPS (PoolServ Multi-Pool Script) website is now online! I am hoping people like the new changes. The design is from a website that I never launched. Originally it was ripped from some website, but I hacked it up quite a bit. There is now a mobile version of the website available as well. I just need to play with the color scheme a bit I guess. If anyone knows anyone that can do logos for cheap or free please email